By Jennifer Singer

A simple powerful exercise, Master Moves can save you time, frustration, and assist you in core strength from the inside out... The core or "trunk" of your body is the foundational centre where most of your vital organs such as the digestive tract, kidneys and liver are located. Key muscles in the core - such as your obliques, abdominals and lower back muscles - hold your body and vital organs in place. The natural circular hip rotations of Master Moves not only strengthen, lengthen, and tone core muscles but cleanse internal organs. As a result, organs begin to function more efficiently, body fluids begin to flow better, and internal systems become more regular. With Master Moves, you'll experience the cleansing, strengthening, and toning required not only to remove belly fat but to keep it off!

About Jennifer With over 21 years of successful practice, experience, research and training in health and fitness, and Mom, Jennifer coaches clients to achieve their personal best by incorporating daily Core Training practice with the Master Moves.







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Core Training - The Only Workout You’ll Ever Need!

A SUCCESS STORY - In 1998, Oswaldo Koch, experienced a nearly fatal mountain biking accident, he used the opportunity to develop and test Mastermoves. He avoided surgery and instead healed his fractured vertebrae naturally with a halo brace.

After removal of the brace, Oswaldo build his core muscles with only Mastermoves - transforming his body from a state of almost complete muscle atrophy to six-pack abdominals and optimal fitness, which he has maintained to his current age of fifty-three. The experience provides first-hand proof that Mastermoves works.

Get Stronger

Want stronger, leaner, rock-solid abs? You can have 'em with Mastermoves Core Training. It takes 10 to 15 minutes twice a day with dynamic moves to build core strength a six-pack everyone will envy.

Look Younger

Extra flesh gained around the abdominal area is difficult to eliminate if you don't exercise the abdominal muscles, but once they are regularly exercised, toned, and strengthened, you will stay stronger and look leaner with little effort.

Live Longer

By creating lean and firm core muscles, you will gain the vitality and energy to shape healthy organs in your abdomen. Healthy organs will help you live longer, stronger and younger.

& Eliminate Belly Fat

Save Money, Time
& Workout Space!




Exercise in just
15 minutes twice
a day and shape
the body you
have always wanted.

Core Training exercises abdominal muscles that work in conjunction with back muscles. If you want a flatter stomach to make you feel better, to hold your posture better or to give you more self-confidence, our goal is to show you how it can be done with the minimum of time, effort and money.

You can build strong and lean muscles quickly and conveniently, right in your own home. Two portable and highly durable tools will help you achieve these goals:

  • Lean and well-toned muscles
  • Strength from the inside out
  • Flexibility and good posture
  • Physical vitality and endurance
<Get Back in Shape in 15 minutes a Day!
Five Benefits


2- Prevents back pain and improves mental and physical health

Mastermoves is a core strength training system that focusing on strengthening and toning the abdominal, obliques and lower back.

Strong core muscles reduce back pain and protect you from injury. By creating a firm and strong stomach, you will gain strong muscles to stabilize the spine.

Weak core muscles account for a good portion of most peoples existing back problems. Strong core muscles helps to keep your body pain-free and lean.

From Daily Core Training

1- Helps you reduce belly fat and gain lean muscle mass

Mastermoves is a holistic core training program that focuses on hydration, nutrition, exercise, and hygiene. You can reduce fat and gain 5 to 10 pounds of new muscle to sculpt a strong, lean, vibrant and beautiful body.

The core muscles play a significant role in your overall appearance because they affect your organs, posture and the shape of your body.

3- Improves Body Posture and vitality

Good body posture is what all successful people share. Studies show that healthy and attractive people tend to be more successful. They pay attention to their body posture not just for looking stronger and thinner, but for feeling better and successful.

Good posture is that successful people share. If you watch someone that has a proper posture, you will see someone that looks good. They are straight and tall and create an overall better picture.

Good posture is not just something that makes you look better, it will improve mental and physical vitality as well which in turn, will impact your daily life and the way other people perceive you.

Day by day, Mastermoves will strengthen your core to keep you strong and tall.

4- Makes you look leaner and taller

Being overweight tends to show in the core area first, and it can be unsightly to see a stomach hanging over the belt, but a strong core will prevent that. A strong core that is firm and tight will not only make you look good, but it will actually make you appear slim and tall. Proper posture helps you make a good first impression and look more attractive. When you avoid slouching, you look taller and slimmer. All these aspects should improve your self-confidence.

5- Improves brain functioning

Mastermoves helps you do hip rotations, making this unique form of training very effective. By using circular movements, you will be able to develop strong core muscles. The core of your body is particularly important because it is intertwined with the back and the spinal cord, which communicates with the brain. Strong core muscles can actually make it easier and faster for the brain to receive signals from the spinal cord and improve mental and physical performance.

How To Lose Fat and Gain Muscle

"There is one time when you can be a loser and a winner, and that's when what you're losing is fat and gaining core muscles at the same time."

Losing fat and gaining muscle at the same time is something that you can do in 3 steps:

Practice good nutrition, detoxification and core training. "Positive health requires knowledge of healthy eating. But eating alone is not enough for health. There must also be exercise, of which the effects must likewise be known." Hippocrates, 370 BC.

Build your body from the inside out. The key to a leaner body, stronger muscles, more energy and longer life is to strengthen, build and protect your body from the inside out. Mastermoves exercises focus on functional movements that work in conjunction with your internal organs to help maintain health, vitality and good posture.

Reduce belly fat. Our online Coaching Program will teach you how to lose belly fat and gain core muscles through hydration, nutrition, exercise and internal hygiene. Gradually, you will reduce belly fat, build lean muscles and add years to your life. In addition, having strong core muscles will reduce back pain and protect you from neck and back injuries.

90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee...Read More!

What People Say About Mastermoves

I'm a hands-on physical therapist (former Chairman of the Registered Physiotherapists of B.C.) with studies in personal growth coaching and leadership. I'm very impressed and professionally excited about using Mastermoves to help progress my patient's further recovery as well as positively impacting on the health of individuals in the therapeutic and preventive areas of health.

I invite you to try Mastermoves and discover the great benefits from core training.
You will learn how you can tone up, lose those few extra pounds, cleanse your body and feel totally energized.

Fred Samorodin, Physical Therapist
Wellness Consultant

Mastermoves will help you develop and tone your muscles, with less fat deposit in your organs and abdomen.

It's a great pleasure to help you achieve your wellness and fitness objective. Over the last 30 years, as a physiotherapist and public speaker on health, humour and feeling happy, it has been my privilege to help my clients, help themselves feel 'good to be alive" as they age.

After fifty, I noticed it was becoming harder to participate and enjoy the fun filled moments of life, for example playing sports like Tennis,Golf and Squash,Yoga, hiking with friends, my dog and my children. After 7 weeks of using Mastermoves, I feel like I have turned back the 'aging clock". The exercises integrate dynamic movement with training core muscles, flexibility and breathing properly. The more I do the less of me there is! I feel younger, stronger and full of vitality!

Cathy Russell, Physical Therapist

Mastermoves will help you develop muscle mass. In few minutes a day, you will strengthen your body from the inside out.

I'm a traditionally trained registered physiotherapist with over 25 years of clinical experience. My practice uses traditional methods such as exercise programs, manual therapies as well as non-traditional methods such as: acupuncture, intramuscular stimulation (IMS), manual therapy, connective tissue therapy, craniosacral therapy, visceral manipulations, advanced cranial therapy, and vascular therapy.

I invite you to try Mastermoves and discover the great benefits from core training.
You will learn how you can tone up, lose those few extra pounds, cleanse your body and feel totally energized.

Janice Webber, PT, CAFCI
Registered Physiotherapist

Keeping your core muscles strong and flexible will greatly improve your health and fitness and make you feel strong during your daily activities.

As an international life coach and inspirational speaker, I work with both individuals and entrepreneurs as well as corporations and organizations.

Experience has shown me time and again that our personal power and as a result our ability to be successful in every area of life requires one key element: connection with a strong core!

This is why I really appreciate the efficacy of the Mastermoves Core Training System, because it is in harmony with how I live my own life and what I see in my clients' lives who create great success as well.

Joshua Zuchter
International life coach, business consultant, and speaker.

Standing and sitting correctly will be much less demanding on every part of your body.

I instructed hockey with Paragon International Hockey Programs in Edmonton for many years and worked with many fitness experts and professional hockey players during my time with Paragon. This previous experience has given me the understanding of general training that I need to succeed with Mastermoves.

I have coached Midget 'Rep' hockey and I love hockey - Mastermoves is a highly targeted Core Training Program that produces real results. My goal is to educate others to achieve optimal fitness using The Mastermoves Core Training Program!

James Rennick,
Hockey Coach, Fitness Consultant

Mastermoves can help hockey players (or anyone) to strengthen their core and develop the stability necessary to succeed!

Core Training is vital to your athletic success and peak performance. The movements in this 15-minute program are designed to stabilize and strengthen your skeletal structure. Your core muscles are the foundation for your upper and lower body. You can't have effective transfer of energy or power without a strong core.

As you begin to work with Mastermoves, you will notice less fatigue associated with the body breaking down, helping to increase strength and reduce the risk of injury. As an athlete and educator I highly recommend Mastermoves for achieving what I call functional movements.

Chihoko Harrison, Fitness Trainer

Mastermoves will help you develop muscle mass. In few minutes a day, you will strengthen your body from the inside out.

Lots of fun!

I've purchased a lot of exercise equipment over the years. I'm basically clumsy and I often find my coordination is not well matched to the equipment and I soon tire of trying - garage sale pile. My tried and true exercise is the treadmill. Do I actually like it? - No - but I'm diligent - I like to watch movies so my deal with myself is all movies get watched while walking.

Since getting this product home a couple of weeks ago, I've used it every day. What has pleasantly surprised me is how much I am enjoying it. No deals, no falling, I'm a little slow and I'll stick to the beginners until I'm more comfortable with the movements but, it really is fun. This is definitely worth a try. Six months from now we'll see if the fun has any waistline results - I hope so.

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

It's a great pleasure to recommend Mastermoves!
By Ann from USA,Arizona, Paradise Valley

As a business owner, mother of two children and a high school lacrosse coach, I know how hard it is to fit exercise into my daily routine. Master Moves not only makes Core Training easy to do, but the simple routines are fun and boosts my energy for the rest of the day.

Bottom Line: Invest in your well-being ... Guaranteed high returns!

Great for my knee!

I bought this product for my waistline but so far no improvements. However, to my surprise my knee problem that I had for years has mostly disappear. I am so impress I want to contact my physio person at Sunnybrook Hospital to tell her about this product. I was discharged in 2008. This is far easier to use than the stretching exercise with the towel and twisting your body into a pretzel.

I will warn you that at the beginning that I had experience a very sore right knee after the first day. But several days later I notice that my right leg felt solid instead feeling like jelly. I then went back onto the core mover but did not over do it. I am happy to say that I am far more mobile and do not have to do the baby steps on the subway stairs. I can keep up with the rush hour crowd now. For this reason I am recommending this product for folks with knee problems. It is definitely worth the try and I saw an improvement within a month. Oh, one more thing, on the first try, I had chest muscle pains and attribute that to overdoing it. It went away and did not come back.

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

Invest in your well-being!
By Dianne from USA,Florida, Palm City

I am a Ph.D. in Gerontology, Master Trainer for ACE, AFAA, and the ISCA, 2nd Degree Black Belt in Wado-Kai Karate, Post Re-hab Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer, Group Exercise Instructor for Kickboxing, Body pump, Spinning, Yoga, and Pilates. My goal is to educate, inspire and empower people to be their personal best!

I chose to embrace the efficacy and beauty of the Mastermoves Core Training System because it is in harmony with my quest to achieve my optimal fitness and share my experience with every person I meet.

Bottom Line: Be a wise investor... try Master Moves.

I lost 3.5 inches around my tummy!
By Drew and Julie from Canada, BC, Chilliwack

Drew stepped on the scale in April, at 260 lbs, and his tummy (around the biggest part) was 50 and 1/2 inches. He stepped on the scale today and was 235 lbs (and extremely happy), and his tummy was 47 inches. HE was even shocked as he said he couldn't believe it. All previous DIETS never did work nor did they keep the weight off. We did the Master Moves"almost" faithfully every day, 100 - 200 rotation every morning and every night.

Bottom Line: Yes it works!...Drew said he couldn't believe it.

Love It!

Quality made. Sturdy piece of equipment. This work out is NOT for 'Sissy's'!!
Excellent for all ages - Worth every penny. Sign up for Oswaldo's emails- very inspirational!!
Buy with confidence!

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

Customer satisfaction all the way!!!

I emailed Master Moves customer service because my Focus Bar was defected....the hole was too small to thread the string. Expecting a long time for someone to email me back - I was so impressed when not only did Oswaldo email me back right away but is sending a replacement.
I love this piece of equipment. I have already noticed a difference and it has helped release a lot of tension in my lower back. Everyone should give it a try....

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

Worth the money!
By STEFAN from Canada, ON,OTTAWA

Definitely great for stretching and balance, not sure it would help me lose weight or that I want to - I am at a good weight. You will not build muscle with this necessarily but you will feel great. The recipe book is a nice touch and the DVD (4 of them) is easy to follow. It is well worth [$]. My mother was over this week and tried it and she is in her 60's and wants one now. Anyone can do it!

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

Great piece of equipment!

I bought this product when it first appeared on air and have loved it ever since. I put on country and western music and away I go for around 10-15 mins at a time.It is so much fun to use and I feel so much better after. I don't need anything else to work on as this one is terrific.Love it love it. Even when I go to the gym, I use this first and find this for me, personally so much better.

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

This is THE ONE!!!

This is the one and only piece of fitness equipment I will ever need!! If you like the moves of salsa, rhumba, then put your music on and move like you have never been able to move before!! It has freed me from arthritic pain in my hip and knees and given me back my abs. It has also strengthened my legs, arms, back and I have lost several pounds in only 3 weeks. It's an allover workout that anyone can do and enjoy! ALL my other equipment (except Aero-Pilates) are out the door.

Bottom Line: Can't recommend this enough! Best bang for my buck ever.

Order Your Core Training Program

IMPORTANT: 15 minutes a day is all it takes to creating the strong, lean and flexible core muscles you need to reduce the risk of back injuries, eliminate unwanted belly fat, tone your body and develop youthful vitality. Mastermoves is designed to protect and strengthen your body from the inside out - your vital organs, body fluids and core muscles.


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