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“Our liver is the basic detoxification center for what gets through the intestines. Alcohol irritates the liver by creating excess free radical damage during the detoxification process. If we're going to consume alcohol, especially in any large quantity, we want to try to limit the load of toxins and pesticides we have to process by choosing organic.”
-- Planet Green

Everywhere we go we see people complaining of the way they look and feel. Statistics show that the average person is overweight, with one in four carrying as much as an extra 25 pounds of not just weight, but toxic waste within the large intestine. If your large intestine (colon) is not lean and healthy, you will not look good and feel well. If your body is toxic, you will not be able prevent or reverse illness effectively.

The Royal Society of Medicine did a major study and found that a dysfunctional large intestine (colon) is the contributor to 85% of all disease and illness. If the large intestine is not cleansed on a daily basis, it reabsorbs toxins that create most of the illness, bad breath and pain we suffer.

Do you have bad breath? If you do, it is not because of what you ate yesterday. It is the result of what you have eaten days, weeks, months and even years before. Remember that hot air rises, ascending up from your large intestine and out through your mouth. This is due to the years of toxic waste buildup within the body. Mints, toothpaste and mouthwash are only a temporary fix which mask the symptoms, never actually resolving the root cause at hand.

Practicing internal hygiene is smart for two reasons. First, it helps prevent people from catching and spreading illness and disease; internal hygiene is one of the most effective ways to protect ourselves from many illnesses, such as gastroenteritis. Second, internal hygiene helps people to stay lean and energetic. It is more than just being clean, for example hair looks clean and we smell OK. It is defined as the many practices that help people to look younger and live longer.


Some of the benefits of daily detoxification are:

  • Helps to eliminate toxins
  • Reduces fat from your skin and arteries
  • Improves your digestive system
  • Improves your immune system
  • Regulates bowel movements
  • Repairs and renews damaged cells
  • Energizes your body.



The Core Challenge is a series of physical and mental fitness exercises engaging individuals to maximize their mental and physical performance. This 100-DAY program will enhance your vitality and mental faculties by the practice of daily detoxification. As a result of training with Master Moves, and following the Core Challenge daily routine, your lifestyle will be enhanced based on the Five Pillars for Health:

    Hydration - Nutrition - Exercise - Hygiene - Relaxation

The Core Challenge is a coaching program to help you achieve your personal goals faster than you ever thought possible. Throughout this empowering coaching program, you will develop the vitality to STAND STRONG and feel confident learning and adopting the Five Pillars for Health. As a result, you will develop the vitality and the mindset for taking daily and consistent action. You'll have the energy to live your dreams.


Everyday, during 100 days, you'll think about the things you want to achieve and feel the energy and pleasure of achieving them. When you have the energy and vitality to live your dreams; when you are prepared for opportunities, your chance for success is sure to come.

Everyday, during 100 days, you'll learn to accept total responsibility for your actions and you'll take every opportunity you can to surround yourself with successful people.

Everyday, during 100 days, you will practice the Five Pillars for Health. Success will come your way once you realize that you have to make it come your way by your own actions.

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