Develop Strong & Beautiful CORE MUSCLES
Easy & Fun ABS & BACK Exercises
, Anywhere

By Oswaldo Koch
Creator of the Mastermoves System

A sad reality:

"Back injuries account for nearly 20% of all injuries and illnesses and cost US and Canada an estimated 20 to 50 billion dollars per year."

"Over 61% of the North America population is overweight of obese. It is estimated that 25% of our children are overweight."

The good new is that back injuries and obesity are the top preventable health care problem if you develop your core muscles. Fist, let me ask you:

  • Do you try and watch your diet and eat healthy but still find your own health isn’t all it could be?
  • Are you embarrassed to take your shirt off in public?
  • Do you catch colds that seem to hang around for weeks at a time?
  • Do you have trouble staying lean?
  • Are you unhappy with your progress in fitness training?
  • Do you have problem concentrating at work?
  • Do you have a bad posture?
  • Do you often expedience neck or back pain?
  • Do you feel lack of energy?

Again, these undesirable condition can be eliminated by developing your abdominal and back muscles - your CORE MUSCLES.

Now, because of all the rampant misinformation - even among so-called "professional" trainers - you should be skeptical about ALL AB training programs and machines. That's why I don't blame you if you are skeptical about this one too.

After recovering from a nearly state of paralysis, I designed an tested the Mastermoves System, achieving extraordinary fitness results. The fact is that within three months, you too can get similar results if you practice Mastermoves daily. Take a look at some basic Mastermoves exercises that you can practice anywhere, anytime:


In addition to toning your body, losing excess fat and developing awesome six-pack abs, by practicing Mastermoves you will:

  • Improve your health and self-esteem
  • Raise your energy level
  • Improve your body posture
  • Enhance your strength, flexibility and coordination, enabling you to become better at the sports you like playing.

Here is what you will receive when you order the Mastermoves set:


Item #1: Master Disk
The Master Disk is the main exercise tool in the Mastermoves set and is used in almost all body conditioning and toning exercises. Made from hardwood, this product is not only sturdy and durable but aesthetically appealing. Sold separately, the Master Disk costs $49.95.
Item #2: Master Rod
The Master Rod is the second exercise tool in the Mastermoves set. It is used for a variety of stretches and body conditioning exercises. With the help of the special attachment that accompanies it, the rod can be used for forearm strengthening exercises. The Master Rod is made of durable hardwood and costs $29.95 when sold separately.
Item #3: Body Conditioning Program
This VHS Tape contains Body Conditioning exercises designed to align your body and develop the foundation for flexibility, coordination, speed, strength and endurance. Once this foundation is in place, you can proceed to the more advanced Mastermoves exercises demonstrated in the other tapes. The video tape runs for approximately 30 minutes and costs $29.95 if purchased separately.
Item #4: Body Toning Program
This VHS Tape demonstrates exercises that will help you increase your metabolic rate and burn fat, so you can lose unnecessary weight and develop a lean and beautiful body. The video tape runs for approximately 30 minutes and costs $29.95 if purchased separately.
Item #5: Training Manual
This Training Manual provides a comprehensive overview of the principles and techniques used in the Mastermoves system. It features a description of the core Mastermoves exercises and provides a selection of healthy cooking recipes. The manual is 98 pages long and costs $19.95 if purchased separately.


In addition to the Mastermoves Set, for a limited time only, I will include the following free bonuses...

Free bonus #1: Master Massager
Unlike electrical massagers which vibrate at unnatural frequencies and create unhealthy electromagnetic emissions, the Master Massager is made of 100% natural wood, which according to Eastern healing teachings enhances the flow of energy in the body and allows you to achieve deeper states of relaxation. Sold separately, the Master Massager costs $19.95.
Free bonus #2: Body Relaxation Program
This VHS Tape contains detailed instructions on how to use the Master Massager and how to achieve complete relaxation after a workout or at any time when you feel stressed. You will receive this bonus (worth $24.95) with your Mastermoves package.
Free bonus #3: Private Club Membership
You get a free, 30-day subscription to our online Private Members Club. This "members only" area provides fitness coaching, exercise instructions, cooking recipes and much more. The value of this membership is $9.95 for 30 days.

Here Is My Unique Selling Proposition:

(Your Mastermoves Set when delivered to you in new condition, is warranted against defects in material or workmanship for a period of five (5) years.)

If you follow your training manual and exercise 15 minutes twice a day:

  • You will be able to lose weight in a healthy way and keep it off permanently.
  • You will increase your energy and improve your health, which will increase your concentration, creativity and productivity.
  • You will enhance your strength, flexibility and coordination, which will allow you to play any sport you like.
  • You will improve your body posture.
  • You will gain self-esteem and leadership.
  • And, of course, you will get your best CORE MUSCLES ever !!!

Three Free Bonuses If You Order Today

ONLY $99.95 (plus $19.99 S&H)


When you order all items individually you will have to pay $229.60 in total. However, as a part of the Mastermoves set you can buy them for $149.95. Today with this special promotion which runs for this month only, you get the whole Mastermoves set plus the free bonuses for only $99.95 plus $19.99 for shipping and handling.

All prices are in US Dollars. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express credit cards. Your order is processed via a secure online server provided by CCNow. Your information is encrypted and totally secure.

Final Note:

"Forget theoretical advice!" What you will learn with Mastermoves is transformational. Order your training set and just give it a trial run...put it to the test, then YOU be the judge and decide for yourself. If the exercises are the same old stuff you've seen everywhere else and they are not unique and effective as I said they were, I'll give you your money back. You get 100% UNCONDITIONAL money back guarantee for 60 days!

Oswaldo Koch, MBA, Eng.,Fitness Trainer
President, OK Initiatives, Inc.
Creator of Mastermoves

Note: If you're still not sure if Mastermoves is right for you, please click here to send me your questions or concerns so I can respond to them.


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