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Mastermoves As Seen On TV
Nothing could be simpler. Nothing could be easier. Nothing else is like Mastermoves.

Vancouver BC, December 12, 2008 - OK Initiatives, Inc. announces completion of the Mastermoves TV infomercial and the 3 new Core Training programs designed to enhance significantly the effectiveness of Master Moves, adding more value to the current Core Training kit offered on TV.

Master Moves, Core Sculpting Body Shaping Workouts Series Created by dancer, choreographer and engineer, Oswaldo Koch, after fracturing his neck in a tragic mountain bike accident, Master Moves puts a brand new, fun twist on getting fit. Oswaldo's full recovery took one year and a half during which time he developed the Master Moves System, a new ground-breaking approach to core training that completely transformed his body and made him stronger than ever.

As a response to the need to offer Core Training for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels, OK Initiatives, Inc. in partnership with Fitness Quest, Inc. have created 3 fun and highly effective programs: Body Blast, Body Endurance and Calorie Blast, ideal for all levels of fitness.

"Core Endurance"Oswaldo reveals his personal secrets to absolutely awesome abs during the Core Endurance Workout. NO SIT-UPS, NO CRUNCHES. NO ACHES, PAINS OR STRAIN. Master Moves Signature Power Core Rotation fires all the muscles in your core in ways that you have never thought possible.

"Body Blast" gives body-sculpting a brand new twist. Rock out to the hottest tracks. Boost your metabolism. Trim your hips and thighs and shrink your waist all at the same time. Oswaldo cranks up your metabolism, trims your lower body and shrinks your waist with fun, easy to follow moves practically any one can do.

"Calorie Blast" accelerates fat burning like never before with the perfect combo of cardio, power core rotation and white hot music. Accelerate fat burning like never before as you target your upper body, lower body and core.

The test of the Master Moves infomercial is scheduled for December 2008, and the launch in major TV station in North America will be early 2009. Later, the informercial will be aired worldwide.

For more information visit Fitness Quest website and watch the video click of the Master Moves infomercial

About OK Initiatives, Inc.
OK Initiatives envisions optimal global fitness, and the achievement of high productivity through the use of the Mastermoves Core Training system. Mastermoves uses simple, affordable and portable tools that facilitate a rotation movement, effecting elongation and compression of all the abdominal and back muscles simultaneously and in alignment. These natural and focused moves, performed in a standing position, strengthen and condition the 'core', creating that strong foundation required for all activities and achieving perfect posture. For more information please visit

About Fitness Quest, Inc.
Fitness Quest is one of America's leading fitness companies. Fitness Quest manufactures and sells higher quality exercise bikes, ellipticals, gliders, treadmills, rowers, and other fitness equipment under brand names such as Total Gym, Eclipse, and Easy Shaper. The company's products are most notably seen via its infomercials such as Tony Little's Gazelle Freestyle machine and Total Gym. Fitness Quest was founded by president and CEO Bob Schnabel Jr. For more information please visit


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