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Core Training Is Going Global!
The quest for global fitness and health just got a boost…

Vancouver, B.C. - June 23, 2008: A joint venture has just been launched between OK Initiatives and Fitness Quest to market Mastermoves Core Training system worldwide.

"Bringing together the complimentary strengths of Fitness Quest, an internationally acclaimed fitness equipment corporation, and Mastermoves, an elegantly simple, highly effective and practical Core Training system will prove to be an auspicious move." Sia Stamhuis, Director of Business Development for OK Initiatives, Inc., was quoted today.
With a shared vision for creating global fitness, this new partnership will focus on marketing Mastermoves through a series of TV infomercials and shopping channels, including QVC, HSN and TSC (Canadian Shopping Channel).

"Mastermoves is the most effective and easy way to build core strength for sustainable body posture and injury prevention," said Oswaldo Koch, President of OK Initiatives. "Fitness Quest is one of North America's most innovating and successful companies for fitness equipment. The company has a tremendous track record in both manufacturing and marketing higher quality fitness equipment. As a team we can offer an even greater value for our customers", Koch concluded.

About Kingstar Direct

Kingstar is the company producing the TV informatial for Mastermoves. Kingstar has built a reputation on creating infomercials that work. To date, Kingstar produced infomercials have generated over $2 billion in television sales alone and helped build product awareness and strong brands for numerous products thereby ensuring a smooth transition to the retail market.


About OK Initiatives, Inc.
OK Initiatives envisions optimal global fitness, and the achievement of high productivity through the use of the Mastermoves Core Training system. Mastermoves uses simple, affordable and portable tools that facilitate a rotation movement, effecting elongation and compression of all the abdominal and back muscles simultaneously and in alignment. These natural and focused moves, performed in a standing position, strengthen and condition the 'core', creating that strong foundation required for all activities and achieving perfect posture. For more information please visit

About Fitness Quest, Inc.
Fitness Quest is one of America's leading fitness companies. Fitness Quest manufactures and sells higher quality exercise bikes, ellipticals, gliders, treadmills, rowers, and other fitness equipment under brand names such as Total Gym, Eclipse, and Easy Shaper. The company's products are most notably seen via its infomercials such as Tony Little's Gazelle Freestyle machine and Total Gym. Fitness Quest was founded by president and CEO Bob Schnabel Jr. For more information please visit


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